Hello Good Horse People!

I’ve been wanting to start writing a blog for a long time now and I just recently got it all set up. This will be chalk full of horse owner confessions, training logs, horse trivia, stuff equestrians say, crafty horse DIY projects, horse bucket lists, tack hauls (or shall I say “tack carry” ’cause I’m broke)…..all to come. Send me requests!

Let’s keep it short and sweet. I’m not an accomplished rider, I don’t have a fancy horse, and my saddle is older than the hills. But what I do have is a commitment to improving my horsemanship (slowly but surely) and enjoying my adorable, smart, sweet horse.

Shiloh is an 8 year old bay gelding Tennessee Walking horse. He’s a big boy, over 16 hands high, and he makes me feel like a shorty sometimes when he stands uphill. And he’s a complete nutbar (sometimes in a funny cute way, sometimes in a face-palm way). His hint of gaitedness makes it hard for me to follow my dreams of being on the Olympic Dressage team. He can trot and canter properly even though it’s hard to maintain. But we’ll make a dressage master of him yet.

Dressage is my main squeeze and I have dreams of one day reaching the upper levels–gliding down a long diagonal with tempi changes. But right now I’m struggling with leg yields and half-passes. Dressage is a great discipline for me because it’s all about enjoying the journey to excellence and not taking shortcuts on the way.

So welcome! Join me.

Magephtic. I am so Magephtic.

Magephtic. I am so Magephtic.


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