Fun Learning Experience or Impending Doom?

Hi everyone! I realize that my previous post was a little sparse on instructions for how to identify and address scams on horse selling websites so if you are interested in more information in that vein, please check out my edited post.

It’s official! I am all signed up for the dressage clinic on the last weekend of August. I will be riding Lesson Horse Lena. I feel equal parts excited and freaked out. I’ve only done one clinic before, but that was at my barn at the time and it was more like a group lesson with a guest instructor. This will be a 45 minute private lesson with a major pro. My brain keeps cycling a million rounds a minute thinking of all the things that I have to do before D-Day and all the ways I’m not ready.

I worry that I will look like a big newbie: that my horse will be smaller, older, and more stained than all the other ones. So I decided to address my fears by making a list and time frame for everything that needs to be done. Some items are already checked off because I’m that good.

  • Send in deposit check to secure ride time.
  • Arrange to borrow a friend’s trailer for that weekend.
  • Clean Lena’s bridle.
  • Attempt to whiten that disgustingly yellow tail.

Not sure how to address this one besides daily washing with purple shampoo and possibly soaking her tail in a bucket. Any tips for whitening mane and tail and trouble spots on the coat would be greatly appreciated.

  • Plan an outfit for me and the horse so we look fly in our lesson.

All my breeches decided to poop out at the same time. I’ve been patching them over the years but the recent and tragic death of my only pair of full seats gave me the extra push that I needed to go to Dover Saddlery and shop around. I bought two pairs of full seat breeches since I couldn’t decide between them.

The first was the Devon-Aire All Pro Full Seat in Espresso/Cinnamon. They look like really nice schooling breeches, yet nice enough to take to a clinic. Also, the color name Espresso/Cinnamon and my Fallish mood might have had something to do with the purchase.

The second pair was Kerrits Sit Tight Supreme Full Seat. I just love the way it looks in the back! It had almost five stars and was praised as “the stickiest breech butt in the universe,” so how could I say no to that? With my bouncy behind, every little bit helps. The only thing I don’t like about them is that on the website the tan looks kind of like my skin tone and that is the only color they had in stock. Oh well, if it’s between being mistaken for a nudist on a horse or being able to ride better I’d choose the latter.

I also bought a pair of Saxon Equileather Dress Boots since my half chaps are a more rugged variety that would gel in a formal clinic environment. I’m not crazy about the fake leather and less than stellar reviews but I plan on only using them for clinics and shows. They were one of the only options for my slim budget right now. Hopefully I will have saved up enough for a nice leather pair by the time they croak.

They haven’t come in the mail yet, but I plan on reviewing them when they arrive.

  • Last but not least, I need to get an up to date Coggins for Lena. This is tricky because of my lack of a trailer but I’ve already come so far! I’m not going to let a little piece of yellow paper get between me and destiny.

Thanks for reading and all tips, tricks, and prayers are appreciated!



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