Favorite Horsey Outlets for Life off the Horse

Dressage pursuits are going well. Shiloh is slowly learning that contact can be comfortable and his free walk is coming along nicely. Pictures will be coming in. We are beginning leg yield work with a small hitch; he’s kind of a clumsy guy, so he keeps bumping himself. I am hoping to get him some SMB boots or Woof dressage boots with bell boots. Maybe I’ll get the cool fuzzy sheepskin ones. I need to find a better place to order stuff online! I’m not very jazzed with Dover Saddlery sending me lower quality products and then making me pay to ship it back. Expect a tack haul soon!

dressage skillz

For today’s post, I wanted to do something a little different and share my favorite horsey Youtube channels and related horse social media outlets. I love the way that Youtube has the power to spur creativity and enthusiasm throughout an otherwise divided community. It’s so fun to feel like you are a part of an international community of horse people when you get to meet other equestrians and watch their horsey journey unfold.

First up is my favorite equestrian Youtube channels. I didn’t put them in a special order. I love all of them dearly and equally.

  1. My Equine Addiction

I found My Equine Addiction about a year ago. It’s a great channel with two charismatic equestrians (Lauren and Maya) and their cutiepie horses Ralph and Luna. It has everything you want in a horse channel: riding raws, show vlogs, tack hauls and all. Sadly, they broke up to make their own channel. So now we get double the fun with both Lauren’s and Maya’s channels.

2. Evention 

Evention is hosted by the seasoned and creative eventing duo Jenny and Dom. They have a variety of videos. Some are instructional and some are funny skits about the realities of being an equestrian. I especially recommend Dom’s video Dressage Skillz for my fellow dressage divas. Anyone who has shown in the lower levels will relate. It would make a kick butt beat for a dressage freestyle.

3. Hannah Lucy

The great vlog of young South Australian show jumper and eventer Hannah Lucy. She posts TONS of riding raws with her gorgeous horse Jericho. She’s a beautiful rider.

4. Equine Emma

I found Equine Emma through Hannah Lucy’s channel. She’s a great rider with a big talented horse named Hugo. It’s fun to watch their progress together. Also, she does some pretty great tack haul videos.

5. Dressage Mastery Academy

Your Riding Success is an indispensable dressage schooling resource for aspiring dressage athletes. The knowledgeable and inspirational Natasha Althoff posts instructional videos on everything from maintaining a rhythmic trot to canter walk transitions simplified.

6. Straightness Training by Marijkede

This gem of a channel is highly informative and accessible. Its creator, Marijkede de Jong, is devoted to helping people improve the physical and mental balance of your horse through straightness training. She has some jaw dropping videos of in hand and liberty work with her gorgeous horses. I’ve used many of her techniques on Shiloh and had great success.

7. Always Horse Love

And finally, as we stay in the vein of natural horsemanship, I give you the fantastic Always Horse Love channel created by horse whisperer (and I don’t use this term lightly!) Eva Roemaat. It’s full of goosebumpy liberty videos set to spine-tingling gladiator music that is sure to inspire, enlighten, and dissolve you into tears of admiration and joy.

Other online horse things to obsess over:

  1. Horse Radio Network

Let me introduce you to my favorite thing in life right now. HRN is an amazing collection of affiliate equine podcasts. I’m especially partial to the Dressage Radio Show, hosted by Reese Koffler Stanfield, United States Dressage Federation Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, and Philip Parkes, who has represented Canada in the Pan Am games. Their podcast has really saved my butt at my work, which can be quite lonely and boring without something to distract me. I’ve already learned so much about the big shows dressage shows and top riders and I have found I have an insatiable appetite for more dressage discussions on half-halts and the process of showing young up and coming dressage horses. Unfortunately, I blasted through all their available episodes in a matter of days and now I have to wait a week for a new episode, which really blows. Of course, the HRN offers a wide range of horse shows for people of all disciplines. They have a show for driving, horsemanship, and eventing, among others. I download episodes practically every other night.

2.   Heels Down Magazine

Most of you probably know about this app for phones. It’s fairly cheap and easy to download for your phone, but it’s so fun to read the new issues. They are full of relevant issues, interesting interviews with top riders, and highlights for new tack and riding attire.

go dressage

Keep Calm and Ride on, my friends!

What are your favorite horsey social media outlets?


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