Buy ALL the horsey things!

As planned, I finally made a trip to my local english tack store. There’s nothing quite like walking into a brick and mortar tack store, and especially one that caters to your discipline, not just a farm store that sells hoof picks and Furazone. Did I walk around sniffing each leather product? Yup. Did I pinch each saddle pad to test the thickness? You betcha.

I try to limit my outings to about once every threeish months. Ish.

Onward to the clearance rack!

            Onward to the clearance rack!

First up, new boots for Shiloh! Since we started doing more leg yields and turns on the forehand, Shiloh’s inner clumsiness has truly blossomed. I really wanted to get him some leg protection so he doesn’t get frustrated when he knocks his legs.

So I got some Nunn Finer brushing boots.

brush boots

bb 2

He lifted his legs a mile high when I first put them on.

Why human, why?

                              Why human, why?

Then I had to get my bell boot fix. If I don’t buy anything else, I usually leave the store with bell boots. And on this haul, I found the mother of all bell boots. I joined the fluffy, flashy, ThinLine bell boot club.

Thinline bell boots sheepskin

alll the fluff

Such sheepskin! Much luxurious!

fluffyI don’t even want to use them! I want to keep them on my desk and pet them all day.

Then I got some stuff for myself. My old trusty fullseats just pooped out, so I decided to replace them with a pair of Ariat Heritage Fullseats and Kerrits Fleece Performer Tights. There was a twenty percent sale on most of the breeches.


And finally, the coveted Dublin boots! After months of saving, I finally bought these bad boys! And yes, they are extremely comfortable and well worth the painful price tag.


I’ve banned myself from more shopping till my wallet has a chance to breathe.

Happy horsing around!


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