First Fall Trail Ride!!!!

Today Shiloh and I set out on our first trail ride in almost a year! Shiloh’s buddy-sour tendencies have really put a damper on my interest in trying to ride him out anywhere by himself, so when I had the chance to go out with a friend today I jumped on it. Shiloh was wonderful and calm with his best bro, Piper, by his side (or, more accurately, behind him)! It’s so weird how he can’t stand going out alone, but he’s totally okay with going with a buddy…fifty yards behind him.

This is his lovely quarter horse sweet heart looking hella regal. Shiloh and I are the blip in the front. Shame on me for trying to be good and pay attention instead of taking my own pics!

Shiloh and I are up in the front! Shame on me for paying attention to my horse and not taking my own pics!

Admittedly, it wasn’t a long ride. Maybe 20 minutes tops, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable. We just went down the road and looped around on dirt roads till we got home. And Shiloh got to finally break out his Easy Boots, after tons of bare foot rides in the soft pasture. He looked fabulous.

ride time

Today was the first cool day of the fall season and some of the trees in my town are just starting to turn. He was so chill that we even stopped multiple times on the road just for kicks and giggles. And he stayed put. Like a normal mentally stable horse.

purty boy

“But mom, who needs mentally stable when you look this cute?”

Suffice it to say that I’m very proud of my boy and I hope to have many more fun rides like this one. Even I have to drag Piper along sans rider.


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