Things to be Thankful For

Hello all! I’m so sorry for my long absence! I’ve been working long and hard on my NaNo novel and November is finally winding to a close. Life (and regular posts) will soon resume as normal.

This Thanksgiving is my three year  anniversary owning Shiloh! The first time I met him, I was a junior in college and he was a donated to my school to be trained and sold in the Equine Psychology and Training class. There were a great many  fantastic horses (and accomplished riders) in the program. We were to be assigned to a horse based on our experience and comparability. Honestly, Shiloh never caught my eye when we made our first rounds in the pastures to meet our prospective project horses. Most of them were cute, chunky quarter horses, a few were babies too young to be backed yet. I had my sights set on a massive green warmblood named Big, who was supposed to be started in dressage. I’d already gotten my feet wet with starting arabians at that point.

I was so disappointed when I got assigned to this gangly gaited horse. But as the semester wore on, he grew on me. I started to love his mind and overlook his obvious faults…namely that he wasn’t a nice cushy warmblood with uncomplicated paces.

When the auction came, I proudly rode him around the ring and a family ended up buying him for their beginner rider daughter. I knew he probably wouldn’t work out for them but they were adamant. I gave them my number in case they changed their minds, and low and behold, they eventually came to this conclusion as well and gave me a call on Thanksgiving. I picked him up about a week later and the rest is history.

Anyways, I’m quite thankful that he is still alive after the stunt he and his buddy pulled yesterday. I moved him back to his old place for the winter and there is a very sketchy fence line that has to be babysat (you know the type). You have to always watch the wire, make sure it’s not shorting or an insulator breaking off. So I finally got this fence line squared away and left them for the night. I came back the next day and the horses were nowhere to be found. It turns out, a hunter had come onto the property (with permission from the owners) to hunt in the back pasture. He took the wire down and the horses escaped. This is another rant for another day.

I had to get to work, so I figured that they had just wandered to the back of the pasture and I decided to look for them when I got off work. But I got a call while I was at work saying the horses had crossed into the neighbor’s property and were stuck in the mud. Stuck in the mud? I didn’t get it till she sent me a picture:

They were chest deep in mud-never ending story style! They had to use two tractors to pull them out of the mud.

I’m so thankful they were here to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast today.


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