Blunt Force Trauma to the Cornea

Shiloh must be conspiring with my jenky car to thwart my attempts at saving money. I made my first ever vet cal yesterday.

I noticed the night before that Shiloh was squinting his left eye and it looked a little swollen  and weepy. If there is one thing that is a nonnegotiable vet call for me, it’s definitely eye problems. I’d rather just blow the money on a vet call and have it turn out to be nothing than let it go and have a serious problem develop that could have been prevented. Plus I’m so squeamish about eyeballs, I can’t even put contacts in my own eyes, let alone mess with Shiloh’s poor little hurt eyeball. So I attempted to flush it out with saline contact solution that night and called out the vet the next day.

Indeed, the vet said it was really good that I didn’t let it wait any longer. Apparently Shiloh has blunt force trauma to the cornea, so he must have bumped it while goofing around in the pasture with his buddy. This kind of injury has a much better prognosis in terms of avoiding infection than a puncture or a scratch. The vet gave him an injectable antibiotic called Exceed that lasts for six days and some Banamine for the inflammation. Hopefully this means that I won’t have to actually put any medication in his eye, which would be a daily hell for both of us.

ouch eye

The cloudy blue spot in the corner of his eye is the spot where he must have bumped it.

The vet said if it doesn’t clear up by next week then I should give him a call. Considering that all the swelling is down today and the eye looks clear and happy, I think we are pretty much out of the woods.

I went ahead and got Shiloh’s shots and coggins out of the way while the vet was out, so that’s a big bonus. Now I only have to bum a ride once this spring to get Shiloh to the local Equine veterinary practice to have his teeth checked.

All in all, this could have been much worse and I’m thankful to have caught it early.I’m sure the bill will cost me a pretty penny, but Shiloh’s health and happiness is always my number one priority in the end. Relationship goals: befriend/seduce a vet.

Happy riding!


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