You Know You’re an Equestrian When…

  1. You walk your dog like this:


2. You memorized every part of the horse and now use it to describe all animals, including humans, dogs, cats and hamsters.

pet body sketch

3. You take pictures with your horse like he’s your SO.


4. You know there’s a huge difference between “finding time” and “making time.”


5. All of your nice clothes will evolve into barn clothes.


6. The next person who claims horseback riding isn’t a sport gets punched.


7. You watch cheesy horse movies and westerns for the sole purpose of critiquing the riding and pointing out safety hazards. Or, you can easily turn these movies into drinking games. One shot for riders without helmets and abused horses that respond to gentle whispers of children, and double shots for the token scenes of city folk stepping in horse poop or children having a breakdown when their pony of destiny gets sold.


Nuff said.

8. You know better than to start a conversation about bits in a room full of horse people.


9. A clean, shiny hock gives you goosebumps.

shiny hock.jpg

10.You sneak hairy shedding season blankets into the laundry mat in the dead of night like you’re in communist Russia and the KGB is onto you.


Happy riding!


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