All Hail The Back on Track Mini Blanket

I think it’s safe to say that Back on Track products have successfully infiltrated even the most insular of equine disciplines. They started with horses, drifted over to dogs, and now even human products. I’ve known about them forever, but I guess I just didn’t really think that the products could actually work as well as they were advertised to do. I was wrong.

I noticed a new Back on Track human product on the shelf a few days ago and it piqued my curiosity. It was a small mat, about the size of a pillow case, made out of the special Back on Track woven ceramic material with added padding. It was advertised to cut down on soreness, inflammation, and back pain. I bought it on a whim as a Christmas present for my friend that struggles with back pain.


Like any good gift-giver, I tried it out before handing it over. Oh. My. I draped the blanket on the back of my chair, and after only a few seconds of leaning on it I started to feel the magic. The Back on Track Mini Blanket is like a soft cozy hug for your sore body. It’s just the right amount of padding so you can sink in to it, then the heat starts to build and melt away your sore spots. Even when I just laid the blanket over my lap and I wasn’t leaning on it, I felt a lot warmer than I would have with a regular blanket. I can only imagine the applications of this wonderful magic carpet gizmo. In some ways its, small size is handy because you can carry it almost anywhere and you can easily target any sore spot on your body, but I think that a full comforter-size Back on Track blanket would send me to heaven.

While I couldn’t find a Back on Track comforter anywhere, I did find that the company makes mattress overlays and fleece blankets, which is just as awesome. They also make thermal under wear.

After feeling the luxurious effects of the blanket on myself, I really want to get one for Cooper. I think it would really help with his stiffness issues, and he would die of happiness. Too bad we are almost too close to Christmas to add it to my list!

All hail Back on Track. I am now a believer. Too bad my bank account doesn’t want to stand behind my beliefs right now.


One comment

  1. Horse Sage · December 16, 2016

    I think you need the back on track back brace. Portable BOT you can wear anywhere, under your clothes, very comfortable, even ride in it! Minimal “support” so it is not restrictive (bend over, clean hooves, sit the trot), but that comforting and relaxing warmth that is actually healing. My husband and I both have back problems and when they flare up, we wear the BOT brace and it soothes and heals. It really, really does work. My horse also has a BOT blanket because I’ve seen such results from my BOT brace. Watch for sales, sometimes you can find the BOT blankets just under $200 (still pricey, I know…).

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