Show Recap

Tali was an angel for the show. I’m quite sure that if he would have had a better rider than myself, he could have definitely cleaned house. We competed mostly in the English Pleasure classes, which are a dressage rider’s dream. You just have to keep your horse’s frame consistent and relaxed in all three gaits and you’ll do well. However, those English Pleasure people don’t mess around! Don’t be surprised if you have to perform several walk-canter transitions and rein backs, not to mention the dreaded canter-halt transition. That was the only part of the classes that really threw me off (figuratively). But speaking of being thrown off, there were a few falls in the warm up ring, and some near accidents where the saddle seat people were warming up. There was so much nervous energy palpable in the rings, it’s a wonder more horses didn’t dump their riders!

We were in seven classes in all and we placed in six of them.



Reserve grand champion, a second, a third, two fourths, and a fifth

I met Tali bright and early in the morning and got him as clean as I could short of bathing him, then I made my first ever attempt at button braids (a major feat with an unpulled mane).




I was blown away when we got to the facility. You too can keep your horse in this palace for the low low price of $750 a month! Yikes, I’ll keep my pasture board, thank you very much. The wash stall was all stone, and might also be rented out on Sundays as a cathedral, you know, so you can wash your horse and also commune with the almighty and bathe in angelic light.


All in all, it was a very successful show. I’m terribly disappointed I didn’t get any pictures of me actually in the show ring. The lighting was awful, and I felt bad asking Tali’s owner to follow me around with a camera when she’s already paid my registration fees and made all this happen for us. She does have a few pictures on her Ipad that I will hopefully get access to at some point. Photography seems to be the bane of my existence in the blogging world. Until I find a hapless horse husband to help me out, I’m in the process of finding somebody photographically inclined to meet up with me once or twice a month so I can remedy this failure.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of my up and coming steed, Kalua and Cream (AKA Kally). We just started trotting (with a bonus unexpected canter strides) a few days ago. She’s going to be lots of fun!


Happy horsing around!



One comment

  1. Horse Sage · April 18, 2017

    Oh, I laughed out loud when I got to the picture of the Cathedral wash rack! Yes, you named that spot on! Nice barn indeed, and the light coming in thsoe window…truly angelic. Your horse looked so clean and radiant that he glowed, too. Congratulations on a very successful show! Sounds like it was fun, too.

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